Rosehound Apparel artist reflects on brand’s evolution at Hollywood Pop-Up

“I used to have a patch that said ‘sorry I’m not sorry.’ It was before the phrase ‘sorry not sorry,’ took over. The concept was somebody stealing flowers from a neighbors garden—it was a hand holding a bouquet of flowers that had just been yanked out of the ground. I was seeing a guy and he once showed up and gave me flowers he had stolen from a neighbors garden. I was like, ‘that’s so rude, but so romantic.’ That’s the idea behind Rosehound Apparel. It’s a bit bad-ass, but also polite and cute.”

Inside the Junior High space on Hollywood boulevard, five flies buzz around before resting on the edge of a plastic cup that’s half-way filled with Rose’.

This is Megan Campagnolo’s drink—and she’s a bit disgusted.

It leads the 28-year old artist, known for her business, Rosehound Apparel, to set a trap.

She puts a quarter of a vegan donut with chocolate sprinkles on a paper plate and then places it within close proximity of the glass of wine.

Suddenly, without warning, she slaps an inverted cup onto the counter, trapping a fly inside.
“Aha!” she yells in celebration.

Campagnolo balances the plate on her hand beneath the cup’s opening to keep the fly from escaping and walks out the door to set it free.

Campagnolo is an artist based out of Toronto and she sometimes comes to L.A. to visit her boyfriend and work with the non-profit organization Junior High in Hollywood. Junior High is dedicated to showcasing the artistic pursuits of marginalized voices.

A pop-up for her merchandise took place this evening from 6-10 p.m. at the Junior High gallery space, 5656 Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood. The event was scheduled a bit last minute—just three days ago, she booked a flight, and so she reached out to Junior High to request holding a pop-up event. They agreed.

So Campagnolo stuffed a suitcase with all of the Rosehound Apparel merchandise that would fit, including pins, patches, T-shirts, and her brand new line of swimsuits.

Of all of her suitcase merchandise that;s available to L.A. shoppers, Campagnolo said she was most excited about her new T-shirt design: “Born to Lose, Live To Win.” It’s the first black shirt that Campagnolo has designed, and she has described it as being one part Motörhead, one part Miami Vice, all maximum impact.

And when it comes to her permanent collection of pins, she has a a favorite: her Rose Cigarettes pin.

“It sort of represents everything about my brand all at once,” she said. “It’s timeless, vintage-inspired, has flowers, and is bad ass. If anybody were to rip that off, I’d probably flip out. I’ve been stolen from before, but if they stole that one…”

Siena LaMer, 18, who explained her role at Junior High as “key holder” (because she began working as an intern right when Junior High opened), said Rosehound Apparel has become synonymous with the gallery’s brand.

“She’s had her stuff here since we opened,” LaMer said. “It definitely matches the aesthetic of the store.”

“Her coffee mug and (90s) Leonardo DiCaprio pins are big sellers. And the mermaid shell compact has been there since the beginning.”

Recently, the Rosehound Apparel brand has been undergoing a bit of an evolution, moving from Campagnolo’s initial concepts from 2014: cutesy and floral, to a more hard-lined 80s and pastel look. And she’s grown from just selling small accessories like jewelry, pins and patches, to also selling clothing, like tees and bathing suits.

“Rosehound is like a character. She’s a teenage girl and as she grows up she gets a bit more bad-ass and sexy,” Campagnolo said.

Junior High initially approached Campagnolo and asked her if they sell her work in their store. It’s a fact that Campagnolo appreciates and is grateful for.

“I think being a sole proprietor and independent brand aligns with Junior High. This store is definitely up my alley and they’re another fellow female-owned business in a female progressive safe space,” she said. “Every brand in here is just like me—independent and female owned.”

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