Pin Drop Friday

This Friday Feature spotlights a variety handful of new releases of enamel pins from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email

Ein The Onion Knight
Rainbow Dratini

Gotta catch this Dratini! Previously available in pink and blue variants, this unofficial Pokémon enamel pin’s unique coloring resembles an oil slick rainbow. It measures 1.5” tall and has two back posts for added security. Each version of the pin is available in the artist’s Etsy store for $11.

Scallywag Supply/The Pin Wizard
The Cave of Wonders

In the Disney movie “Aladdin,” The Cave of Wonders is a forbidden realm filled treasure—gold, jewels, precious artifacts and the iconic golden genie lamp. Aladdin is able to enter the cave because his “worth lies far within”—the diamond in the rough.
This collaboration between Scallywag Supply Co. and The Pin Wizard has a moving jaw that locks into place. The heavy, double thick enamel pin measures 1.5” long while closed and 1.75” long while open. The Cave of Wonders comes in two color variants: purple (“Arabian Moon”) and blue (“Arabian Night.”) Each has raised gold plating, is covered with gold glitter and is back stamped with “2018” and the artists’ logos. The pin has a double clutch to help support the heft of this weighty design. All of the pins available through Scallywag Supply have sold out, but, The Pin Wizard reported on Instagram earlier today that there are still some Arabian Night Cave of Wonder pins available at the Pin Wizard website.
The pin is $25.

Clay Graham Art
Garbage Person

You may remember The Garbage Pail kids. It was a series of trading cards that came out in the 80s that parodied Cabbage Patch Dolls, which were popular at the time. Clay Graham puts a fun vintage-inspired spin on the internet’s favorite insult. The 2” long pin comes in four variations: red, green, blue and gold. For a limited time, every pin comes with a matching sticker—gold buyers will randomly receive either a blue, red or green colored sticker. The pin is Available for $10 via the artist’s Etsy store.

Grizzly Corp
Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga! Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are now available in Grizzly Corp’s Etsy store. Sold individually, each pin measures a little over 1” (35mm) and costs $10.

Thrifted Things

This one is for all of the thrift store shoppers out there! You know what it’s like to find something a little strange at Goodwill. This “Stranger Things” inspired design is made from soft enamel and black dyed metal and measures 1.75” wide. Customers have the option to upgrade their rubber backs for locking pin backs. Now available for $10 at the 1980Who website.

The Clever Clove
Charlotte’s Web

Heidi over at The Clever Clove has been busy. This week she launched a bunch of new pins—a Mama and Baby Otter pin, a kitty knitting past bedtime pin and a few new Literary Pins. In addition to pins that tribute classic books like “Anne of Green Gables” and “1984,” she released this “Charlottes Web” pin that depicts Wilbur and Charlotte reading their favorite story. The design measures 1.1”x 1.18”, is made with hard enamel and is polished with a gold finish. It fastens with a rubber clasp. Available for $9.99 at the artist’s website.

Hello Dodo
Bee Nice

You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar—so why don’t you just bee nice? This happy bumble bee design by Hello Dodo tells people to be sweet or just buzz off. This pin is made from hard enamel and measures 3 cm from top to bottom. It comes with a rubber clutch fastener. Available in the UK-based artist’s Etsy store for approximately $9.50. While you’re there, take the time to check out three enamel pins the artist launched this week: I’m So ‘Orcaward’ Whale, Dead Good and Take a Hike.

Wrestling Pins

Marj.jpg describes herself on Instagram as being a wrestling enthusiast, so it should come as no surprise that the artist makes some pretty fun wrestling-inspired pins. This week she dropped three new drsigns. Kewpie Asuka imagines what WWE wrestler Asuka would look like if she was a vintage Kewpie doll. The pin is 1.5” tall, made with soft enamel, black metal and has a rubber pin back.

Professional Japanese Wrestler Hiromi Takahashi has a gimmick in the ring—he’s a little unstable. To keep himself calm, Takahashi would carry around his “son,” Daryl, a weighted Mochineko plush cat doll. This Daryl Takahashi/maneki-neko “lucky cat” mash-up is 1.25” tall, made with hard enamel and gold metal and has a rubber pin back.

This last design fuses a Mexican Lucha wrestler with a vintage Kewpie doll. The enamel pin is 1.5” tall, made from soft enamel and gold metal and comes with a rubber pin back.
The pins are all available in the AgainstMarj Etsy store and cost $10 each.

Midnight Dogs/ Sam Grinberg
Big People Tommy and Chucky

In the Nickelodeon “Rugrats” episode “What The Big People Do,” the babies imagine what it would like to be an adult. When you’re a grown up, a speeding ticket will get you into Reptar on Ice, coffee is made from mud and work involves literally pushing paper with a hand broom. Each enamel pin measures 1.5” tall. Originally a SDCC exclusive, this limited edition pin set is available at the Midnight Dogs website for $20.

Demonic Pinfestation

“It was bad, Mama. They laughed at me. Hold me, Mama.” This tribute to Stephen King’s “Carrie” is made from soft enamel and measures 2.5” long. It’s made with black nickel plating and glitter, has a double rubber clutch and a back stamp. It’s available for $13 at the artist’s website.

Jar of Rubies
Grind or Die Gaming Controller

The gamer’s grind can be rough. This kawaii enamel pin design is 1.25” long and comes with a single rubber clutch. Available through the artist’s Etsy store in two different colors: Pink and Red. This artist is based in Singapore.

Dirty Lola
Dolly Collar Flair

The bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus! This enamel pin set can be worn a number of different ways. Pin it to your collared shirts or wear it with your vintage sweaters. The Dolly Parton portion of the pin is 1.5” long and the blow dryer is 1” long. Now available for $20 at the Dirty Lola Etsy store.

Bunce and Bean
Harry Potter Daily Prophet Pin

Do you believe everything you read in the Prophet? This pin, inspired by the most popular publication in the Wizarding World, is the latest in Bunce and Bean’s HPinStreet series. Its 1 ¾” tall, made from soft enamel, has a polished black metal finish and is made from 10 different colors. This pin is now available through the artist’s website for $13.75. Each purchase comes with a BunceandBean “Corkie” for displaying your pins.

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