Rolling Pins slapped with cease and desist for ‘Rick and Morty’ Etsy listing

Rich Powers said he was surprised when he received a cease and desist earlier today—but he’s treating it as good news.

Hi The 28-year-old artist, who is known as Rolling Pins, received a message from Etsy notifying him that the one of his listings on the e-commerce website, for an enamel pin Powers had designed, had been deactivated. The message stated that Cartoon Network had filed a copyright infringement claim against him with Etsy, which found his listing to be in violation of the online marketplace’s Intellectual Property Policy.

The design in question is a pin that mashes up the character Rick from the Cartoon Network animated series “Rick and Morty” and the character Eraserhead from the “My Hero Academia” anime, he said. The cease and desist letter suggests that Cartoon Network believes Powers’ pin infringes on the company’s copyright of its “Rick and Morty” characters.

“I hope I’m singled out for having a good design they would rather have made money from,” he said. “It makes me feel like we’re getting noticed, and that’s a good thing. Getting a cease and desist from Cartoon Network was surprising because we’re still young and super small in the pin game, but all news is good news.”

The New York City-based artist has been producing pins for approximately a year and said he had been selling the pin through his Etsy store for $10 for the last two months. “(It was selling) pretty good,” he said. “Slowly, but, it moves.”

Since he won’t be selling the mashup pin anymore, Powers said he plans to use his remaining stock for trading and giveaways.

When Etsy receives an allegation of copyright infringement, the online marketplace will immediately remove the listing in question and then makes “a reasonable attempt to contact to the allegedly infringing party,” according to the site’s Intellectual Property Policy. From there, recipients of a cease and desist have the opportunity to make contact with the representative who filed the claim, or can do as the cease and desist letter asks and stop selling the item on Etsy. Users who receive repeated copyright infringement claims against them can lose their account privileges on the site, at Etsy’s discretion, the policy states.

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