Pin Drop Friday

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new releases of enamel pins from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email

Bummer Days
Venture Bros Skull, Venture Industries Logo

Go Team Venture! Bummer Days dropped two new “Venture Bros.” themed pins just in time for the animated series’ Season 7 premiere on Adult Swim.
The Venture Bros. skull logo is made from soft enamel, is 1.5” long and has a double post back with blue rubber clutch bakers. It comes in three variants: Glowing Venture White/Blue, “Murder At Midnight Black” and “Raw Silver.” Available at the Bummer Days website for $10.
Fans of the show know that Venture Industries, which is owned by the Venture Family, was at one time known for being a leader in technology and science. But it has been on the decline since the death of Jonas Venture Sr. This 1” pin of the Venture Industries logo is made from hard enamel and black nickel. It has a double post back that comes with rubber clutches. The pin was priced at $10 at the Bummer Days website, but is currently sold out.


Fandom Flair Pins
Magical Flying Key

“They’re not birds! They’re keys! Winged keys!” This design is inspired by Harry, Ron and Hermione’s adventures down through the catacombs in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s (or Philosopher’s) Stone.” The pin’s center is cut out, is 1.5” wide x 0.75” tall and has a double post with rubber backing. There are four variations to choose from: gold key with glitter, black key with blue, pink glitter and orange and gray. It’s available at the Fandom Flair Pins Etsy store for $8.
While you’re there, be sure to check out the “Parks and Recreation” Lil Sebastian pin, which is $7.20.

Kitty Carousel Art & Pins
Mermaid Disguise

The Cecaelia is a creature with origins in Asian and Native American mythology, legend and folklore. This pink kawaii pin, designed by Kitty Carousel Art & Pins, imagines the half human, half octopus disguising herself as a mermaid. The pin comes in both gold and rose gold metal and is 2” tall. It’s listed in the artist’s Etsy store for $15.


Double Denim Dude
Love Letter

Double Denim Dude used to have a love letter pin in the brand’s online store–it originally debuted in 2015. It was retired “a little while ago,” according to a recent Instagram post, but the artist decided to update the design and released a new version of the pin this week. The Love Letter pin is hard enamel on gold metal, measures 1.25” and has two back posts with rubber backings. It’s available at the Double Denim Dude website for $10.


Justine Gibuena
Fabric Scissors

Attention sewists and quilters! Are you territorial of your fabric scissors because you know someone will use them to make paper snowflakes if they have the chance? No one will dare attempt to misuse your trusty fabric shears when you have this pin on display. It measures 1.5” wide, is made from hard enamel and is finished with gold plating. Buyers have the option to upgrade their rubber clutch for a deluxe gold locking clasp for extra security. The pin is available at the Justine Gibuena website for $10.


Holly Oddly
I’d Rather Be At Home and Late to Everything

Perpetually running behind? Or would you prefer to not leave the house at all? Maybe it’s a little (or a lot) of both? The “late” design is available in white or black and “home” can be ordered in red or black. The pins are $10 each at the artist’s website.


Drawings By Nicole
Weird Mother and Child

You have tattoos, dye your hair color outside the spectrum of natural pigmentation and wear whatever the hell you want. Compared to the mom’s picking up their kids from school, who are wearing sweater sets and expensive pink yoga pants, you’re the “weird mom.” Celebrate being a part of the Weird Mom Club with this new pin by Drawings By Nicole. (Collectors may recognize Nicole’s other pro-alternative mom designs, including “Mama Needs a Fucking Minute” and “This Mom is Doing Her Best.”) The new Weird Mom and Child pin is made from hard enamel, is priced at $11.50 and is available at the artist’s website.


Bored Inc.
Taco Pug

Do you like dogs? Check. Tacos? Also check. Bored Inc. dropped a new pin this week that encompasses the best of both worlds. Made from hard enamel, this pin measures 1” in length. It has a single post and comes with a rubber clutch. Now available at for $10.


Kaiffenated Illustrations
In Dog We Trust

Did you know that Siberian Huskies are the 12th most popular breed of dog in the world? This new pin by Kaiffenated Illustrations makes a bold statement and it’s the perfect sentiment for dog lovers–especially Husky owners. Made from soft enamel, this pin measures 1” by 1”. It has a single post and comes with a black rubber clutch. It cost $10 at the artist’s website.


PINTRILL/Gear Patrol
Gear Collaboration

The adventure magazine Gear Patrol recently teamed up with PINTRILL to create a limited edition collection of pins inspired by some of the editorial staff’s all-time favorite rides. It includes three different on-brand vehicles: the Overlander, Bavarian Classic and Air-Cooled Coupe. Shoppers have the option to buy the pins as singles, or can grab up the whole collection and also receive an orange branded Gear Patrol logo pin. Each pin is made from black nickel-plated brass, measures approximately 1” long and comes with a sturdy metal clutch. The set is available at the Gear Patrol online store for $12 individually, or $30 all together.



Goblin King

The movie “Labyrinth” taught viewers a number of lessons. (Some, more cliché—and confusing– than others, but we give the film a pass because it’s a children’s movie with puppets and it stars David Bowie.) There’s “life isn’t fair,” “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and, perhaps most notably, “be careful what you wish for.” It might seem like a great idea at the time to tempt fate and call on the Goblin King to take your baby brother away, but once that happens, you’ll probably regret it. That super creepy guy next to you in line who won’t take a hint, though? Call out to that Goblin King and wish him right away. This pin by Dear Beetle is made with silver plated metal and hard enamel fill. It measures 1.25″ and comes with butterfly clutch backings. It’s available at the artist’s website for $11.


Rainbow Alibrije Stitch

In the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch,” a Hawaiian girl adopts a strange pet who turns out to be an extra-terrestrial fugitive. The artist LexiKawaii put her own colorful spin on the goofy little character, Stitch and turned him into an enamel pin. Rainbow Alibrije Stitch is made from soft enamel and measures 1.5” long. It has two prongs and comes with rubber clasps. The listing at the MexiKawaii website has a note that there are just four pins left at the presale price of $10.


Kawaii Neko Co.
Drippy Popsicle Kitty

Summertime can be such a happy outdoorsy time of year–there’s the outdoor movies, camping, barbecues, pool parties. But sometimes, it’s just too hot out there. Like, you can bake cookies on your dashboard, or fry an egg on the sidewalk, too hot. So it’s best to cool off with a icy cold sweet treat. This limited edition happy, pastel-colored Kawaii popsicle is 1.5” wide and gold plated. It has a single post and comes with a rubber backing. Drippy Popsicle Kitty is $10 and you can buy it at the Kawaii Neko Co. website.


Lina Jane Designs

There’s a less scientific way to explain a solar eclipse. It turns out that the moon and the sun are actually best frenemies. The sun is the literal “star” of the show, and so the moon occasionally has to ham it up to upstage the sun. You know, remind everyone that the moon is also something pretty special. This Kawaii Eclipse is made with black nickel, hard enamel and has glitter accents. It’s approximately 25mm by 35 mm long. It has a double pin post and comes with rubber clutches. Now available in the artist’s Etsy store for $9.22.


Get A Life Designs
Spidey Love

There’s a lot of reasons to love Spiderman. He has cool powers, has a solid sense of humor and he’s relatable. When he’s not in costume, he seems like a totally normal guy. If he’s your favorite Marvel character, or perhaps even your favorite superhero, you should consider adding this yellow and red Spidey Love pin to your collection. This particular design, which was created by Get A Life Designs, has a few variants that have previously been available, including pink and white, red and black and black and white. It’s about 30mm wide and made from soft enamel. The pin is for sale at the UK-based artists’ website for £8 or about $10.25.


Punky Pins
Foodie Forever Pins

Burgers and hot dogs don’t count as carbs, right? Punky Pins added these two summertime barbeque staples to their store this week. Both are made from soft enamel. And each measure approximately 30 mm in length. They’re available in the Punky Pins online store for £7 or about $9.


Be Lynch Design
Beauty in Others

The beauty you see in others is a reflection of your own. To help others see their own beauty, Be Lynch Design designed is selling this enamel pin inspired by actress Evangeline Lilly’s message of positivity and self love. All of the profit from the sales is donated to the National Association for Suicide Prevention. The pin is made from black hard enamel and has a gold finish. It measures 1” round and comes with a butterfly clutch back. Now available for $9 in the artist’s Etsy store. If you or someone you know are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.

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