Pin Drop Friday

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new releases of enamel pins from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email

Non Heinous/Monster Posse
Creature and Ariel

Once upon a time, in a black lagoon under the sea, two unlikely iconic characters fell in love. This new design by Non Heinous for Monster Posse imagines that Ariel of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and the Amazonian, prehistoric monster from the 1954 film “The Creature From The Black Lagoon” found each other and fell in love. Is this an alternate reality? Or did things with Eric just not work out? Either way, I think I’m a fan of this pairing more. This pin is available in the Monster Posse Etsy store for $12.

Wicky’s World
Derry, Maine License Plate

Description: “BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When you’re down here with us, you’ll float too!”
This limited-edition design is a tribute to one of Stephen King’s more terrifying stories, “IT.” Designed to look like a license plate from the story’s fictional town of Derry, Maine, this soft enamel pin features a fun little detail—the expiration month of July and registration year 1986, alludes to when the novel was published.

It measures 2” x 1’, has two pin posts, red rubber pin backs and is embossed with a Wicky’s World 2018 and Cat Logo. This design has a limited run of just 50 pins, with only 30 being released online. If you collect horror pins, IT and Stephen King pins specifically, you might want to grab up this one before it floats away. Now available in the artist’s Etsy store for $10.


Creepin’ Around
“Sam Goes To The Happiest Place On Earth”

Halloween is coming! Many don’t know that Halloween coincides with a spooky Celtic observance called Samhain. In Celtic Ireland about 2,000 years ago, Samhain was known as the separation between the “lighter half” of the year (summer) and the “darker half” of the year (winter). At Samhain, it was believed that the division between this world and the otherworld is at its thinnest, and it’s during this time that spirits can freely walk among us.

This pair of pins by Creepin’ Around imagines what the character Sam Hain’s mouse ears would look like if he opted to spend his (or maybe her?) Halloween spooking around at Disney Parks. Shoppers have the option to buy “Sam’s Ears” and “Sam’s Hat” separately or as a set. Each pin is 1.5’ long and made from soft enamel, they’re both made with double pin backs and come with rubber clutches. The pins are $10 each or $18 for the set.


Magic Circle
Died Happy, Pet All The Cats

If you’re petting every cat you meet, then you’re really living the dream. And if you’re living the dream every day, wouldn’t you die happy? Magic Circle imagines that you lived the very best life possible and had it itched onto your tombstone. This pin measures 1.5” long, is made with black nickel plating and has two pinbacks. Each pin comes with two rubber clutch backs. You can find it for sale for $10 at


Alum and Ink
Baby Elephant

Are elephants your favorite animal? It’s hard not to admire these gentle giants for their wisdom, strength, intelligence and compassion. Alum And Ink dropped a new pin this week and it’s a baby Asian elephant. This cute little guy (or girl) uses a banana leaf as a parasol under the hot sun. The pin is made from hard enamel, set on highly polished gold plated metal and measures 1.5” long.

It features two posts on the back for added stability due to the size, weight and balance of the artwork. Two posts will prevent the pin from rotating while you’re wearing it. Buyers have the option of what kind of clasp they would like to use to secure their pin in place: rubber or a locking (deluxe) pinback. All metal pin backs come in a color matching the base metal of the pin. Now available at the artist’s Etsy store and website for $11.


Dirty Lola
Herman Munster

Even if you weren’t around in the ‘60s, you may have heard of “The Munster’s”—a family of mostly supernatural characters. (The show was a ghoulish rival to ”The Addams Family” which aired on another network around the same time.) The gimmick of the show was that people tend to run away in fear from the vampires, witches, Frankenstein’s monster and other spooky creatures—but the family isn’t sure why. They’re just a regular working-class family like everybody else!

Fans will never forget Herman, the family’s big hearted, lovable and clumsy patriarch. This new pin by Dirty Lola measures 1.85” long. It’s made from hard enamel and black nickel and is emblazoned with white silkscreen stars. Herman has a dual pinback and comes with two rubber clutch backs. Now available in the Dirty Lola Etsy store for $15.


Heroes For Hire
VW Camper Van

Description: Let’s take a road trip! The VW microbus is synonymous with a love for the outdoors and adventure on the road. This pin by Heroes For Hire comes in vintage-inspired teal. It’s made from hard enamel, has a black metal base and measures 1” long and 1mm thick. It’s available for sale at the artist’s website for $10.


Dollhouse Pin

VintageMLife is probably best known for her wide assortment of Polly Pocket themed pins. Recently, the artist launched a series of pins she called the Tiny House Collection. These pastel colored, cozy little toy places of residence have thus far included an air stream, a kid’s tent and a little house in the suburbs. This week, a new design appeared in the artist’s Etsy store: a dollhouse.

This pin measures 3.4 cm wide, is made with gold-tone metal plating and hard enamel. It has two pin posts and comes with pink rubber clutches. Collectors can order this little dollhouse through the artist’s Etsy store for $10.60. (Vintage M Life is based out of Spain.)


Natty Cat Pins

While Studio Ghibli’s “Spirited Away” follows the fantastical adventures of Chihiro into the wondrous Spirit World, her tale would not be complete without Haku, a courageous, dependable character who ends up being a powerful river spirit in disguise. Throughout the film, Haku protects Chihiro from harm and guides her along her journey.

This week, Natty Cat Pins released a pin version of the Kohaku River Spirit– and now fans of the film can feel protected by a Haku of their very own. The pin is available for $14 in five variants: black nickel, black nickel with glitter mane, rose gold, rose gold with full glitter and LE gold variant.


Save The Panduhs
Always Tired, An Apple A Day

If you’re an adult, you’re probably always tired. Save The Panduhs released two new creepy toned enamel pins this week—”An Apple A Day” and “Always Tired.” Both designs are made from soft enamel, are dual posted and come with rubber backings. Each pin measures 1.5” long, is back-stamped and costs $10. Now available at the artist’s website.


Rockin’ Pins
Tony Iommi

This pin is for all of the classic metal heads out there. Tommy Iommi’s innovative de-tuned, dark riffs are considered to be the blueprint for hundreds of bands that followed. 80s Ionni is now a 2.3”, dual pinback enamel pin. It’s available for sale at for $10.

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