All ages and backgrounds buy pins from Southeast Michigan skateboarding store

This week, Caitlin of For The Share of Flair is in Southeast Michigan visiting family.

I took a break to meet up with a family friend and ended up exploring Downtown Rochester. Located one town over from where I grew up, this Oakland County suburb was known for being a higher end, white collar community when I was a teenager. So I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed a more “alternative” tatted up crowd wandering the streets and a handful of “new” (to me) edgier mom and pop small businesses.

I wandered into South Street Skateshop at 410 Main Street and noticed that they had a pretty decent selection of enamel pins hanging on a magnetic display well, including brands like Yesterdays, Alex Pardee, The Quiet Life, Badge BombGrizzly, Toy Machine, Black Label Skates, Huf Worldwide and Theories Brand.“Originally, we started with a brand called Rubbish Rubbish, which we still work with, which was more skate stuff exclusively,” said South Street’s Hard Goods Manager Evan Guzman. “We had about maybe a dozen of them. And we just kind of expanded from there. What we have on the wall now isn’t at its max. We’ll jam that thing.”

Even though the store is a skate shop, the pins are all related to skateboarding, and all different ages and backgrounds of people come into the store to buy pins.

There isn’t one standout best seller, and what’s popular seems to vary by the day.
“We get a couple Rick and Morty ones –those are always popular. We have one that’s from Fortnite (by Yesterdays) now that’s quick to sell.

So when it comes to selecting which pins to sell in the store, there isn’t necessarily any method to the madness.

“It’s kind of hard to pick a bad one,” Guzman said. “It’s kind of a win-win across the board.”

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