Pin Drop Friday: August 24, 2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new releases of enamel pins from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email

Return to Woodsboro Collection

What’s your favorite scary movie? If it’s Scream—and you collect horror pins—you may need the latest set of releases by GutterShakes. The Return to Woodsboro Collection features four key characters from the iconic slasher film: The Psycho Killer, Casey Becker, Gale Weathers and Sidney Prescott. All the pins come in two color variants: Original VHS blue and Stab Glow in the Dark Green. The Psycho Killer and Casey Becker pins come in a third variant, special edition Queer Horror colorway Glitter Ghoul pink.

Each pin is 2” long, made from black nickel-plated hard enamel, has dual pinbacks (and rubber clutches) and is backstamped with GutterShakes branding. Shoppers who opt to buy the entire set can use the code WOODSBORO at checkout for $5 off their purchase. Each pin individually costs $10 at the GutterShakes website.

Lantern Pins

This week, Lantern Pins released the latest in the brand’s Galactic Hair-oine collection: Chain-breaker Princess Leia. This “Star Wars” themed pin measures 1.75” tall black, made from nickel plated hard enamel and features brown enamel and gold glitter detailing. It’s double posted for extra security. The pin was available for $12 at the Lantern Pins website but is currently sold out.


Deja Pins/Drawing Olive
Chillest Girl In The World

Are you the chilliest girl in the world? This week, Deja Pins and artist Olivia de Recat debuted a special collaboration, limited edition pin. It measures 1.375” long and is made with black metal with soft enamel. Each pin is made with dual posts and comes with accompanying rubber clasps. Pins at the artists website are sold out, but there are still some available for $11.99 at the Deja Pins website.


The Truth Hurts, Hermanas, She’s No Angel

Valfré, a brand created by Ilse Valfré, sells clothing, bags, hats, phone cases, journals and even enamel pins—all a direct reflection of the artist’s imagined psychedelic world. This week, Valfré added three new pins to its inventory: The Truth Hurts, Hermanas and She’s No Angel.
All three pins are based on original designs by Valfré. They measure 1” at their tallest point, are made from silver colored soft enamel and have a single pin backing. They’re available at the Valfré website for $12 each.


Dear Kisaragi
Melty Pawpsicle

Summer may be almost over, but it’s still blazing hot outside. Grab yourself a “pawpsicle” to cool down. This Kawaii fusion of sweet summer treats and itty-bitty kitty paws was debuted in the Dear Kisaragi store this week. It’s made from rose gold plated hard enamel, has glitter detailing on the toe beans and has screen-printed details. The pin measures approximately 55mm in length. It’s made with a double pinback, comes with rubber clutch backings and has a branded backstamp. Melty Pawpsicle is $12 at the artist’s website.


Totem and Arrow
Clever Girl Club

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Steven Spielberg iconic dinosaur disaster film “Jurassic Park” (but, why not?) to fully appreciate the use of the catchphrase: “Clever Girl.” This week, Totem and Arrow effectively articulated a power feminism mantra–and that we’re all in this intersectional feminism game together– with her latest release: Clever Girl Club.
This new design comes in two variants, blue/yellow and pink/purple. Totem and Arrow is a UK-based artist, so the pin costs approximately $10.66 at the artist’s Etsy store before shipping.


Cynthia Design
Cat Moon Phases

New today! Live and love by the cat moon, everyday of the month. This moon phase-inspired design by Cynthia Design measures 1.5′ long and is made from gold metal, hard enamel and finished with white glitter. The pin has dual posts and comes with two accompanying rubber backings. It’s now available at the artist’s website for $10.


A Fink and Ink

If you’re a Murderino (otherwise known as a fan of the podcast “My Favorite Murder) and a pin collector, you probably already know about artist A Fink and Ink. This week, a new, non-Murderino themed charity pin appeared in the A Fink and Ink Etsy store—a celebration of Pride. Be out, loud and proud with this 1.25” soft enamel pin. It’s custom hand lettered and features a rainbow oil slick-like metallic finish. Because the anodizing process isn’t an exact science, the specific rainbow tones of each piece vary. Collectors can grab up this pin for $8.40. A portion of all sales of the design go to benefit a rotating selection of LGBTQIA+ charities. This month it’s the Trevor Project.


Robbie Freeman
Tiki Mug

Robbie Freeman makes pins inspired by tasty cocktails. This week, he appealed to our lust for flavorful blended, fruity drinks with a limited-edition Tiki-cocktail inspired pin. (Because it’s always Tiki-time!) It measures 1.25” in length and is made with a single pronged pinback that comes with a butterfly clasp. Now available at the Robbie Freeman website for $10.


The Sunday Co
SpongeBob Pineapple

Are you ready, kids? This new design by The Sunday Co. imagines what it would be like if Nickelodeon’s favorite spongey friend fused together with his pineapple home in Bikini Bottom. This fan-made SpongeBob pin measures 30 x 18 mm is made with die-cast metal and has hand-painted enamel detail. Each pin comes with a silicon clutch backing. Now available for purchase at The Sunday Co. website for $12. (This pin maker is based out of Australia.)


Jade Boylan

Did you know that the origins of garden gnome statues can be traced back to Ancient Rome? Where they were originally reserved for the gardens of the wealthy, after hundreds of years, these funny little men have become lawn decorations at working class and suburban homes and are now a fixture in pop culture. This week, Jade Boylan released her own take on the iconic gnome figure, inspired by Pretty Patrick, a mini gnome that the artist painted herself and now sits at her desk. It comes in two variants: Traditional Tim (classic colors) and pastel Pretty Patrick (pink, blue and purple.) Each pin measures approximately 1.7” and is made from soft enamel. They’re dual posted–Traditional Tim comes with two yellow PVC rubber clutch backs and Pretty Patrick comes with two pink PVC rubber clutch backs. They’re now available at UK-based for approximately $8.50.


Mood Poison
Shitshow Tickets

Step right up and get your tickets to the shitshow! Even if you do mostly have your life together, things can get messy sometimes. Mood Poison’s ticket pin measures 1.25” and is made from soft enamel. Buyers have the option to choose from three colors: blue (it has an epoxy finish), red (also has an epoxy finish) and yellow (which glows in the dark and does not have an epoxy finish.) Now available at the artist’s online store for $8 each.

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