Pin Drop Friday- 10/19/2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new enamel pin releases from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email


Doodle Dose

iChat With Hodor

Fans of Game of Thrones have never seen Bran’s guardian, Hodor, write. But if he were to—and to take it one step further, he were to text you, he’d probably still just say “Hodor.” This week, the pin maker Doodle Dose debuted a futuristic look into the world of Westeros. Measuring .75” x .75”, this pin is made from hard enamel and has shiny silver polished plating. It’s available at the artist’s Etsy Store for $10.


Robotron Industries

I Am Tired of Earth

In the graphic novel “Watchmen,” Doctor Manhattan heads to Mars to build his Clockwork Palace and proclaims “I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.” It’s a feeling most of can relate to—at least at one time or another. Robotron’s latest pin brings this iconic moment to life. It’s made from hard enamel, measures 1.25” wide and is dual posted. Now available in the maker’s Etsy store for $10.

1980 Who/ LindzCrafters

Old School Big Foot

Artists 1980 Who and LindzCrafters collaborated to put an unexpected twist everyone’s favorite cryptid creature. When you’re out in the Northern Woods, it’s hard to catch sight of Old School Big Foot. But sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can hear him rocking out to his boombox. Big Foot is made from soft enamel and black dyed metal. He measures 2” tall and comes in two variants: a choice of a blue or gray boombox. He’s now available at the 1980 Who website for $10.


Real Cool Time Apparel

Hello, Fuckface

This week, Real Cool Time Apparel released a pin  that packs a lot of attitude. This greeting for your favorite “Fuck Face” is colored a sweet shade of pastel peach and features whimsical flower illustrations. It’s now available at the maker’s website for $11.


PSA Press

Doris Burke

Doris Burke is an NBA game analyst for ESPN. She was the first woman at the national level to be assigned a full regular-season role. Recently, she was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame when she was honored with the 2018 Curt Gowdy Media Award. This week, PSA Press launched a limited edition pin to celebrate Doris Burke’s accomplishments. Made from hard enamel and black nickel, the pin includes six different colors. It measures 1.25” long and is dual posted to prevent spinning. Now available for $10 at the PSA Press website.


Nerd Pins

Mouse Trap

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you may remember Mouse Trap, the rube Goldberg style game manufactured by Milton Bradley. As a kid, the game was pretty difficult to set up, and was prone to failure. But, if you could get it working just right, it was a blast to spring the trap over and over again. This week, Nerd Pins launched an enamel pin version of the game. It measures 2” long and is made from soft enamel. The pin is dual posted for added security and is backstamped with the Nerd Pins logo. It’s available for $10 at the artist’s website.


Laser Brain Patch Co.

The Salem Witch House

The Salem Witch House in Massachusetts is the only building still standing that has direct ties to the Witch Trials of 1692. This week, the pin and patch subscription service Laser Brain Patch Co. released a pin version of the museum—a creepy homage to America’s dark colonial heritage, just in time for Halloween. Shoppers have the option to buy a four-piece set  that includes the Salem Witch House, a witches hat, a crescent moon and bat for $33, or can purchase just the single pin for $12.


Girly Pop Bows

Weave Me Alone

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is done climbing up the water spout. In fact, she’s about had it with you, too. Part of their 2018 Halloween Collection, Girly Pop Bows latest pin is a gothic spider with attitude.

The hard enamel design is made up of two parts: a black heart and separate spider dangle. Additional materials include gold nickel plating and a rhinestone gem. The artist’s Esty store does not detail the exact dimensions of each piece, just lists that the entire pin measures 1 3/4 “ x 2 1/2”. Shoppers have the option to upgrade their rubber pin-backs with butterfly clasps for an additional $1.50. Weave Me Alone and the similar spider web variant (no words, a spider web illustration instead) are available at the Girly Pop Etsy store for $15 each.

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