Category: Art Theft

Pin artist Purrv86 to cease sale of Steven Universe fan pins

Tuesday Bassen’s lawyer says fan pins are often technically art theft

Last week, the artist known as Purrv86 made a difficult decision.

She decided that soon, she’ll no longer sell her popular line of “Steven Universe” Diamond Mural pins.

“After receiving an email from someone who will remain nameless…” She wrote in an Instagram post Thursday, “I have decided to discontinue the Diamond Mural Pins. The reorder of Blue and Yellow will be the last batch I’ll sell.”

Oh Plesiosaur out to fight the fakes with counterfeit cataloging site

Serena Epstein is asking the public to help her stop art theft.

The enamel pin artist, 30, known for her small business Oh Plesiosaur, recently launched, a website that spreads awareness about counterfeit pins and encourages responsible shopping. It’s also a resource for artists who have had their work stolen, and a community space where they can feel supported.