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Pin and Pint Tournament merges Smash Bros. players and pin enthusiasts

Inland Empire-based video gaming event to feature pin artist BB-CRE.8

Like many great (and terrible) ideas—the concept for Pixel Bar and Eatery’s Arcade Wednesdays came to Geo Garcia while he was drunk.

Shortly after the bar opened, the event’s organizer and DJ approached the owners, wondering why there weren’t video games at a bar called Pixels.
The owner was intrigued by the idea but didn’t know how to incorporate gaming into the bar.

“I said, without really knowing much— ‘well, I could probably figure it out if you give me the chance.’ And he said, ‘if you figure it out, we can make something happen.’”

Garcia loaded up a few consoles with games and presented his idea to the owners for what he thought would be an entertaining evening at the bar: video game tournaments and live DJ sets.

That was four years ago—and every Wednesday since, except for holidays or occasions when the bar is closed, Arcade Wednesdays has been a mainstay at Pixel Bar and Eatery, 3535 University Ave. in Riverside, California.

A Weekend of Pin Events

No plans this weekend? Netflix and chill is great and all, but sometimes you just gotta get out there and do something fun. Thankfully, there are loads of pin-related events for you to check out tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.


Los Angeles, California

Street Fighter II Arcade Tournament

About: Hadouken! Iron Triangle Brewing Co. in Downtown L.A. is hosting its first-ever Street Fighter II Tournament.

When: Sign-up is located at the bar between 6-30 pm. and 7:30 p.m. The action kicks off at 8 p.m. sharp.

Where: Iron Triangle Brewing Co., 1581 Industrial Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Tournament Details: The tournament will be screened live on a projector screen for the whole bar to see.  It costs $10 to enter the tournament and it comes with a free beer. Must be 21+ to play. Due to popular demand, Iron Triangle Brewing Co. is limiting the competition to the first 32 participants, so sign up promptly!

The tournament will be run on a randomized bracket with single elimination. First place wins a trophy, an Iron Triangle T-Shirt and hat and second/third place received a choice of tee or hat. There will be food by Poutine Brothers.

Enamel Pin Artists Will Include: Vicious Kill and Pin Plugged.

Perfect Humans rebrands monthly pop-up, invites San Diego to support local artists

The San Diego-based “Boutique Night” has undergone a bit of a rebrand with a new name and time.

The monthly pop-up event, which is hosted by Perfect Humans, is now being called Bizarre Bazaar.

“…The two biggest critiques we’ve had are that the name is a little isolating to some brands,” read a post shared by the Perfect Humans Instagram account last week. “The event is now 6-10 p.m. and is forever named Bizarre Bazaar. Everything else is still the same.”

It will take place at The Hideaway Tattoo, 1235 Hotel Circle, suite A

This regular happening first kicked off in March as a way to showcase and support San Diego’s independent local artisans.

“I want us all to unite as a community, get to know each other and support one another,” it read on the initial event’s Facebook page earlier this year. “A lot of smaller businesses cannot dish out $100+ to have a table at an event to vendor at so this is an affordable place to sell your products.”

Local pin makers who will be vending at the event include: Perfect Humans, PlushEgg, Mame Pins, Whole Mylk, MexiKawaii, Dare to Dream Flair and Studio Smalls.

Merry Soul Tattoos will be doing a small selection of tattoos throughout the night.

There will also be a raffle at the end of the evening for a basket filled with more than $120 worth of products from the vendors. Tickets cost $1 and all sales will go to benefit an unspecified charity.

Just three vendor booths remain for O.C. Patches and Pins Festival

Event is expected to exceed 8K attendees, according to event’s Instagram account

There are just 12 more days until the Patches and Pins Expo’s Orange County Festival. Those who wish to be vendors at the event, but have not yet registered, may need to act quickly to secure a spot.
“Only three booths left,” read an Instagram story shared by  event organizers earlier today.

To register, email

Patches and Pins Expo: Orange County will be open from 12-8 p.m., Saturday, August 18. It will be held at 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, 201 East 4th Street. The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are available through Eventbrite. 

Rosehound Apparel artist reflects on brand’s evolution at Hollywood Pop-Up

“I used to have a patch that said ‘sorry I’m not sorry.’ It was before the phrase ‘sorry not sorry,’ took over. The concept was somebody stealing flowers from a neighbors garden—it was a hand holding a bouquet of flowers that had just been yanked out of the ground. I was seeing a guy and he once showed up and gave me flowers he had stolen from a neighbors garden. I was like, ‘that’s so rude, but so romantic.’ That’s the idea behind Rosehound Apparel. It’s a bit bad-ass, but also polite and cute.”

Inside the Junior High space on Hollywood boulevard, five flies buzz around before resting on the edge of a plastic cup that’s half-way filled with Rose’.

This is Megan Campagnolo’s drink—and she’s a bit disgusted.

It leads the 28-year old artist, known for her business, Rosehound Apparel, to set a trap.

Hollywood space to host Rosehound Apparel Pop-Up tonight

You’ve probably seen Rosehound Apparel’s original pin designs before.
There’s the bottle of peach schnapps, a slender box of pink cigarettes, the scorpion lollipop and a dreamy 90s Leo Dicaprio.

The artist, Vancouver-based Megan Campagnolo, will be selling her pins, home goods, clothing and a full-line of swimwear at a pop-up shop tonight at Junior High in Hollywood, 5656 Hollywood Blvd.

The event runs from 6 to 10 p.m. and will serve snacks and beer.

Junior High is a non-profit community space in Los Angeles. Through their space and quarterly publication (Jr. Hi), Junior High is dedicated to showcasing the artistic pursuits of marginalized voices. “We believe that representation, civic engagement and exposure to oft-overlooked narratives fosters strong and empowered communities and individuals,” it reads on their website. “We believe that radical acceptance will change the world.”


Glendale Enamel Market show will feature 17 local pin artists

This Saturday is the first-ever Enamel Market Show–an shopping event that will feature pins, patches and vinyl art toys.

Kai Cao, the event’s founder decided to organize the event when he noticed that the Glendale and Burbank areas in Southern California didn’t have many pin-related happenings.

“I’ve seen a growing trend of artist’s making enamel pins and (have) seen many other events showcasing enamel pin makers. So I say—why not here?”

‘Nothing to Lose and Enamel to Gain’ at Pin Pop-Up NYC this Sunday

New York City-based collectors can head to Queens this Sunday to shop 22 different pin artists.

Artists include Knee High Horror, Trippy Pins, Jeff Cinco, Warrior Pins, Pin Lounge, St. Nicholas NYC, Noice Pins, Pin Day, Casual Mojo, Pintertainment 720, RollingPins, I Saw A Dino, Nitelyfe Pins, Mike Die, Turtle Shell Pins, I Am Christie Bear, Sty Over Sub, Pinvader, Honeybeezer, Couples Therapy Co, CashCannon1, Marj.jpg and Rawrz Squad.

Hosted by Knee High Horror and Trippy Pins, Pin Pop-Up NYC takes place 1 p.m.-7 p.m. at The Windjammer bar, 552 Grandview Ave. The Pop-Up is free and open to the public, but attendees must be 21 or older to attend, as alcohol will be served throughout the event. Happy Hour prices will extend to Bloody Marys, frozen Margaritas and Pina Coladas, and beer and shot combos.