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Vendor banned from Patches and Pins Expo event

Event organizer cites overwhelming complaints of cyber-bullying, harassment of female artists for decision

The organizer of the upcoming Patches and Pin Festival in Santa Ana banned a pin vendor from the festival, citing complaints from attendees.

“Attention vendors. Due to an overwhelming number of concerns, The Pin Pirate and Scallywag Supply will no longer be a vendor at this Saturday’s patch and pin festival,” an Instagram story shared Sunday on the Patches and Pins Expo Instagram account read.

The decision, announced by expo founder Ricky Flores, follows a week of complaints by other pin makers. They allege that Ryan Grey of The Pin Pirate and Scallywag Supply has taken part in cyberbullying, and cite concerns of safety at the expo.

FLAIR Chicago closing its brick and mortar, will maintain online store

Store will be online-only beginning September 1

FLAIR Chicago is currently undergoing some changes to its business model.

Yesterday, the business’ owner, Melisser Elliott shared in a post on the FLAIR Chicago Instagram account that she would be closing her walk-in location at 3415 W. Fullerton Ave in the Logan Square neighborhood–but she will remain open for business online.

“It’s not the end!” she wrote. “We have an awesome web-page where you can shop and get items shipped for less than an Uber to the store. I update it with new merch all the time. We have so many pop-up events coming up, like Renegade Craft Fair and NYC DragCon.”

Technical issues cause D-Con ticket sales to be postponed

Collectors hoping attend DesignerCon will have to wait one more day to buy their tickets.

Spots at November convention are limited and so registration for the event is competitive. The website was scheduled to open for tickets sales today at 1 p.m. PST, but there were some technical issues.

“Unfortunately, with the server upgrades, and everything else going on, the ticket page had to be reprogrammed a little bit to make it work again,” said the event’s founder Ben Goretsky in avideo posted by the D-Con Instagram account earlier this afternoon.

“So we want to make sure everyone has a fair chance in registering and getting everything that they need, so we ask that you please come tomorrow at 1 p.m. And our website will be working fully and our ticket page will be working fully. We appreciate everyone being so patient and understanding about this. Some things are just out of our hands.”

Just three vendor booths remain for O.C. Patches and Pins Festival

Event is expected to exceed 8K attendees, according to event’s Instagram account

There are just 12 more days until the Patches and Pins Expo’s Orange County Festival. Those who wish to be vendors at the event, but have not yet registered, may need to act quickly to secure a spot.
“Only three booths left,” read an Instagram story shared by  event organizers earlier today.

To register, email

Patches and Pins Expo: Orange County will be open from 12-8 p.m., Saturday, August 18. It will be held at 4th Street Market in Santa Ana, 201 East 4th Street. The event is free and open to the public. Tickets are available through Eventbrite. 

Rosehound Apparel artist reflects on brand’s evolution at Hollywood Pop-Up

“I used to have a patch that said ‘sorry I’m not sorry.’ It was before the phrase ‘sorry not sorry,’ took over. The concept was somebody stealing flowers from a neighbors garden—it was a hand holding a bouquet of flowers that had just been yanked out of the ground. I was seeing a guy and he once showed up and gave me flowers he had stolen from a neighbors garden. I was like, ‘that’s so rude, but so romantic.’ That’s the idea behind Rosehound Apparel. It’s a bit bad-ass, but also polite and cute.”

Inside the Junior High space on Hollywood boulevard, five flies buzz around before resting on the edge of a plastic cup that’s half-way filled with Rose’.

This is Megan Campagnolo’s drink—and she’s a bit disgusted.

It leads the 28-year old artist, known for her business, Rosehound Apparel, to set a trap.

Artist Danny Brito raises $1,200 for vet bills with pin fundraiser

Three days ago, Danny Brito got some bad news.

The Miami-Florida based artist found out that his Pug, Roxy, who was suffering from an ulcer on her eyeball, would need to go see an expensive specialist and possibly have a cornea transplant to resolve the issue.

“It’s not the news we wanted to hear,” he wrote in an Instagram post earlier this week. “But we’re staying positive that she will be able to get her eye fixed with these specialists.”

Yesterday, he launched the Fundraiser Pin Drop and Community Giveaway to help cover the potentially high costs of Roxy’s medical expenses. A cartoon illustration of Roxy became available in Brito’s Etsy store as a pin, t-shirt and sticker.

Pin artist Purrv86 to cease sale of Steven Universe fan pins

Tuesday Bassen’s lawyer says fan pins are often technically art theft

Last week, the artist known as Purrv86 made a difficult decision.

She decided that soon, she’ll no longer sell her popular line of “Steven Universe” Diamond Mural pins.

“After receiving an email from someone who will remain nameless…” She wrote in an Instagram post Thursday, “I have decided to discontinue the Diamond Mural Pins. The reorder of Blue and Yellow will be the last batch I’ll sell.”

Tomorrow Morning: A Shop Called Quest & Yesterdays SDCC exclusive pins to be available online

This weekend San Diego’s convention center was again home to the year’s biggest event in pop culture: Comic-Con.

For those who weren’t in attendance (or closely monitoring the action from home like I was) a number of enamel pin artists dropped some pretty notable SDCC exclusives.

Some personal favorites included an 80s-inspired Betty and Veronica and Laser Kitten pin set that celebrates the launch of a clothing and accessories collaboration between the two brands, The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. sliding dust cover designs BB-CRE.8 and A Shop Called Quest and the Rugrats Big People Chuckie and Tommy pin set by Midnight Dogs and Sam Grinberg.

Pin Pop-Up fills niche at San Diego Comic-Con

Two-Day event at Gaslamp District bar features more than 20 artists

There’s always been an abundance of comics, collectible toys and T-shirts on sale at the biggest pop culture event of the year: San Diego Comic-Con International.

While enamel pin artists and vendors do make an appearance on the floor inside the San Diego Convention Center, they’re a bit further and farther between.

It’s a void that Arakel Kaloyan has aimed to fill with this year’s Pin Pop-Up at Coin-Op Gaslamp, which is walking distance from the convention center.

“A lot of people, especially when they were walking in, were cheering a bit and seemed really happy.”

“We had a little section for the (San Diego) Pin and Patch Con merchandise today so that they could buy pin and patch con T-shirts, totes or pennants. I was manning that today and we had a good handful of people thank us for putting on the event.”