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All ages and backgrounds buy pins from Southeast Michigan skateboarding store

This week, Caitlin of For The Share of Flair is in Southeast Michigan visiting family.

I took a break to meet up with a family friend and ended up exploring Downtown Rochester. Located one town over from where I grew up, this Oakland County suburb was known for being a higher end, white collar community when I was a teenager. So I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed a more “alternative” tatted up crowd wandering the streets and a handful of “new” (to me) edgier mom and pop small businesses.

I wandered into South Street Skateshop at 410 Main Street and noticed that they had a pretty decent selection of enamel pins hanging on a magnetic display well, including brands like Yesterdays, Alex Pardee, The Quiet Life, Badge BombGrizzly, Toy Machine, Black Label Skates, Huf Worldwide and Theories Brand.