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Pin Drop Friday- 8/31/2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new enamel pin releases from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email Caitlin.M.Foyt@gmail.com.

Strangeways/David Ayllon

Official Clueless Pins

We’re totally buggin’. This week, officially licensed “Clueless” pins landed in the Strangeways shop. All pins are designed by artist David Ayllon.

The retro cellphone and beeper two pin set is made from soft, glittery enamel and comes with rubber pinback closures. Each pin measures 1.25” long. Give one to your best friend, or keep them both for yourself. Now available for $13.99.

If you could use some sort of herbal refreshment, grab up Tai’s pot leaf teapot pin. It’s made from soft enamel, comes with a rubber closure and measures 1.5” long. It’s available for $9.99.

Your man Christian is a cake boy! Are you one too? If you’re a disco-dancin’, Oscar Wilde readin’, Streisand ticket holdin’ friend of Dorothy then this pin is for you. It measures 1.5” long, is made from soft enamel, comes with a rubber closure. Also available at the Strangeways online store for $9.99.