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Pin Drop Friday- 12/21/2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new enamel pin releases from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email Caitlin.M.Foyt@gmail.com.


The Black Lagoon Room

Thirsty Monsters- Werewolf, Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon

Aahooooohhh! Warren Zevon’s classic rock song “Werewolves of London” taught us all that it’s a fact that werewolves love drinking Pina Coladas at Trader Vic’s. But they’re not the only ones.

Artist Pete Klockau imagines that lurking just below the foggy surface of our known reality, there’s a Tiki Bar called The Black Lagoon Room where sociable Universal Classic Monsters like to sip on rum-based, tropical cocktails. This week, The Black Lagoon Room brand released three new pins that feature thirsty creatures and their drinks of choice. There’s the aforementioned Pina Colada Wolfie, Whiskey Frank and Thirsty Creature. The full-color designs are each made from enamel and feature dual pin posts. Each pin measures approximately 1” long and 2” wide. They’re sold separately for $8 each in The Black Lagoon Room Etsy Store.


Sun and Moon Pins

Forever Rain Mono Pin

Do you love K-Pop? Did you fall head over heels for RM’s “Mono” Mixtape when it came out this past October? Still playing it on repeat? The artists at Sun and Moon Pins love every track on the album, but “Forever Rain” is their favorite. Their latest release measures 1.85” long and is made from silver and hard enamel. It’s now available for sale in the Sun and Moon Pins Etsy Store— Standard Grade pins are $12.50 and B-Grade are available for $11.50.




In The Wizarding World, Nifflers are funny little burrowing creatures that have black fur and long snouts. They’re attracted to shiny things, which makes them especially helpful at locating treasure. Funnily enough, a Niffler wouldn’t be able to resist grabbing up Melankolique’s latest pin, a design that depicts the fantastic beast.

The design features an original illustration lined with a polished gold finish and a dangling 1 cm. gemstone, which comes in three variants: red, green and gray. From top to bottom, the pin measures 3 cm. long. Niffler is now available through the UK-based artist’s Etsy shop and costs approximately $13.18.


Cunning Linguist Co.

Get Away and Fine On My Own

Get lost! Take a hike! If you could use a break from civilization, why not go camping? This week, pin-maker Cunning Linguist Co. released two new camping-inspired designs that capture the would be wearer’s desire to escape the hustle and bustle of society by retreating into nature from time to time.

Get Away” features a sunset campsite on a lake and “Fine On My Own” depicts a tent pitched alongside a clear blue stream, under the stars. Both pins are made from hard enamel and silver metal and have a diameter that measures 1.75”. Flip them over and you’ll see the Cunning Linguist Co. logo stamped onto the back.

Both designs are available for sale at the Cunning Linguist Co. Etsy store. You can buy them individually for $10 a piece or as a set for $19.


Midnight Dogs


New this week from pin-maker Midnight Dogs, it’s the little dumpling, Bao, from the Pixar animated short film of the same name. Bao focuses on a Chinese Mother with a case of ‘Empty Nest Syndrome.’ She’s given a second chance at motherhood when one of her homemade dumplings comes to life. (The short played before the full-length feature of “Incredibles 2” in theaters.)

This 3D design is made from sculpted soft enamel and measures 1.25” in length. It has dual pin posts and comes with corresponding rubber pin-backs. Bao is available for $10 at the Midnight Dog’s online store. (Please do not eat him!)


Melky Pop

Is it Friday, yet?

TGIF! But what about the other four (or so) days of the week, when we really wish it was Friday? Melky Pop has designed a pin that will hopefully cheer you up and help you get through the daily grind. This very busy and exhausted office kitty measures 1.5” long. She’s made with enamel and shiny black nickel materials. Turn down the lights and the laptop screen glows in the dark. The pin is made with two pin posts for added security. Get yours for $10 through the Melky Pop website.

Pin Drop Friday- 12/7/2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new enamel pin releases from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email Caitlin.M.Foyt@gmail.com.


I Saw A Dino

The Grinch

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Just in time for the holidays, I Saw A Dino’s own original pin rendition of Dr. Suess’ iconic green meanie has arrived in the artist’s online store. The Grinch measures 30mm long and is made with black dye plating. The pin is single posted and comes with a black rubber clutch. It’s available for sale at isawadino.com for $10.



Classic Godzilla

Gojirando exists both as a place—and as a concept. Gojirando the place is an isolated island that’s inhabited by massive, destructive creatures like Godzilla. Gojirando is also the moniker of a new pin brand who makes Kaiju-inspired monsters with collectors in mind. This week Gojirando launched their very first pin, a whimsical, cartoony take on Godzilla. This limited edition design is made from soft enamel and features polished gold plating. Each pin has dimensions that are 1.2mm thick and 30mm x 40mm long. Flip it over and you can see that it’s dual posted and is back stamped with the Gojirando brand logo. Godzilla is available for $12 at the artist’s website.

K Collectibles

El Mariachi

When a band of Mariatchi perform, it’s about more than the music. It’s the sum of a cultural revolution—one that encompasses the essence of Mexico and its people. This week, artist K Collectibles debuted El Mariachi in its online shop. The hard enamel pin measures 2” long, is double posted and comes with a corresponding rubber pinback. It’s available for sale for $10.


Goose And Rabbit

W.I.C.C.A. Badge

Are you a member of W.I.C.C.A.? That’s the Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association—for those who haven’t yet watched “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix. Social change remains necessary even in a world where witches can—and do—cast magical spells. Ireland-based artist Goose And Rabbit’s original design is made from hard enamel and includes glitter. It measures 1.25” long. Sabrina fans can find this pin for sale in the Etsy store for approximately $9.63. Sign up for the artist’s mailing list to receive 10% off you first order.


Miri Stuff

Just Hold On

You don’t have to necessarily know the tune of a song to identify with its message. That’s specifically the case with Italian artist Miri Stuff’s latest pin, which references the Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson’s “Just Hold On.” The lyrics are: “What do you do when a chapter ends? Do you close the book and never read it again? Where do you go when your story’s done? You can be who you were or who you’ll become.” This hard enamel book pin is 1” long. It’s available at the Miri Stuff website for approximately $10.36.


Arcade Healer

Star Rider Kirby

Arcade Healer makes Kawaii enamel pins inspired by anime and video games. An ultra fan of the pink puff Nintendo character, Kirby, this week, the artist debuted a new design based on the cheerful hero. Star Rider Kirby is made from hard enamel and features a shiny gold finish. He measures an inch long, is single posted and comes with a heart-shaped, bright pink rubber pinback. He’s available for $8.50 through the artist’s Etsy store.

Pin Drop Friday- 11/16/2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new enamel pin releases from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email Caitlin.M.Foyt@gmail.com.


SNG Design Co

Can I Pet Your Dog?

Are you on a mission to pet all of the dogs? This week, purveyor of “sassy pug-inspired designs,” SNG Design Co. launched a new pin especially for dog lovers. Asking if you can pet a dog you don’t know is just good manners. It respects the boundaries of pups who might not be comfortable with being touched by a stranger.

Made from hard enamel, “can I pet your dog” measures 1” long and comes in black or white. It’s now available for sale at the SNG Design Co. Etsy store for $10.


Odd Worx/Alex Solis

The King Interactive Pin

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba! This afternoon, from DesignerCon in Anaheim, California, artist Alex Solis released his latest pin under his Odd Worx brand. It’s a tribute to the king of the pop, set in the world of Disney’s animated classic movie “The Lion King.” The pin is interactive . In a recreation of the film’s most iconic moment, Rafiki the mandrill lifts up Michael Jackson, presenting him to the animal kingdom—you just lift up his tail. It’s made from hard enamel and measures 1.35’ long. The King is available for $15 at the Odd Worx website.



M.A.S.H. Game

Remember the game of M.A.S.H? It’s that fortune-telling game kids play using just a pen and paper—and M.A.S.H. stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House. You could also discover who you would marry, which city you would live in, how many kids you would have, or what kind of car you’d drive, for example.

This week, pin-maker Pinscript debuted a new pin as an homage to one of your favorite games from elementary school and junior high. It comes in four variants, each with a different letter circled M, A, S, or H. True to the spirit of the game, every pin comes in a blind bag so you won’t know which pin you’ll receive, or where you’ll end up living, until you order. Pins measure 1.25” wide, are made with hard enamel and feature screen-printed details. M.A.S.H. pins are for sale at the Pinscript website for $10 each.


Utinni Bikini/ Laserbrain Patch Co.

Porgs Pin Set

Are Porgs friends? Are they food? Neither? Both? Utinni Bikini designed this Porg pin set especially for Laser Brain’s November Star Wars Pin Club. (Laser Brain is a monthly subscription service that sends recipients mystery pins each month.) They’ve sold out there, but are now available through Utinni Bikini. The set is made from hard enamel and rose gold metal and measures 1.5” tall. Each pin is double posted for added security. The set is currently available for $15.99 at the designer’s Etsy store.


Lantern Pins

Moody Prince

Lantern Pins’ Galactic Hair-oine series celebrates the most memorable hairstyles in the science fiction genre. Today, from DesignerCon in Anaheim, Lantern Pins released their latest, and most requested, hairstyle in the collection: Moody Prince. It’s now available through the artist’s website for $12.