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Pin Drop Friday—12/14/2018

This weekly feature spotlights a variety handful of new enamel pin releases from the week. (This does not include pre-orders, only pins that are currently live and available for immediate purchase.) If you are debuting a new pin and would like it to be included in Pin Drop Friday, you can DM @for_the_share_of_flair on Instagram or email Caitlin.M.Foyt@gmail.com.


Laser Brain Patch Co./ Bill Crisafi

Poppy Flower Pin

This week, the pin and patch subscription service Laser Brain Patch Co. released a new pin as part of their witchy “Lapels and Spells” monthly club. Based on an original drawing by artist Bill Crisafi, this hard enamel pin measures 2” long. It’s dual posted and features screenprinted details. It’s available at the Laser Brain Patch Co. website for $14.


Sektor Seven

Spider Gwen Squad

It took all of my willpower to not immediately run to the nearest salon and have my hair cut exactly like Gwen’s after watching “Spiderman: Into The Spider-Verse.” She’s a badass. An intelligent, charismatic, strong female character—the kind that I wish would become a more standard role model for little kids. This week, Sektor Seven launched a whole squad of Spider Gwen pins—six different variants. But supply is limited, so now there are just four: There’s Spider-Gwen Gold, Symbiote Gold, Agent Gwenom Gold and Gwendolyne Gold. Each pin is approximately 2” tall and features dual clutch posts. The edition number is laser printed on the back. The whole squad is available for sale at the Sektor Seven Etsy store and range in price from $12-$15.


Cunning Linguist Co.

A Lot of Work

Are you a bit extra? Stubborn? A force to be reckoned with? This week, pin brand Cunning Linguist Co. launched a pin inspired by those who are “a lot of work.” This design, which is new today, comes in two variants. One features a navy blue banner and the other a green banner. The pin measures 1.25” tall and is made from hard enamel and gold metal. Flip it over and you’ll spot the Cunning Linguist Co. logo backstamped onto the back. They’re available for $10 in the artist’s Etsy store.